Whether your organization is big or small, you are looking for someone who will understand your data needs. Sandy Zohari, owner of AzoTek Database Solutions, has spent half of her career working for non-profit organizations. Before you select a canned solution marketed to non-profits, be sure that it really gives you what you need, without compromising your business practices. We can help with a free consultation to evaluate your options.

Our Clients

Below is a sampling of our Non-Profit clients and customers/employers.

MVP Health Care

Schenectady, NY

CDR Interpreting Services

Rochester, NY

Tower One/Tower East

New Haven, CT

Ontario ARC

Canandaigua, NY

Aids Care - now Trillium Health

Now Trillium Health, Rochester, NY

Excellus BCBS, Finance Department

Rochester, NY

Community Health Care Plan

New Haven, CT

Our Satisfied Clients Say it Best

  • I recently had the good fortune to work Sandy Zohari from AzoTek Database Solutions. Our organization engaged Sandy to develop a Microsoft Access application for our Customer Care area. The application involved the design of an underlying database, forms for data capture and a series of parameter driven reports.

    Aside from her technical skills, we found Sandy to be very customer oriented. Prior to starting her work, Sandy met with our team to ensure she had a solid understanding of our critical business challenges and needs. Armed with this knowledge, Sandy delivered an application that hit the mark with respect to our business requirements.

    I will conclude by saying I found Sandy to be flexible, easy to work with and genuinely concerned with satisfying her customers. Given our positive experience, I would not hesitate to use Sandy for Microsoft Access development in the future.
    –Kevin Husted, Director of Rochester Customer Care Center,
    MVP Health Plan, Inc.

  • I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the work you have put into the new system. The latest version of the database is simply amazing. Such a time saver! I am really enjoying discovering the new features. This makes our lives so much easier.–Marcia Reaver, formerly Director of Interpreting Services, Lifespan Interpreting Services, CDR Interpreting Services, Rochester, NY

  • Thanks for all your work. The database has streamlined our work so much, it’s hard to imagine how we got along without it. I just wanted to remind you what an AWESOME job you’ve done so far!
    –Courtney M Williams, Lifespan Interpreting Services, Rochester, NY

  • Sandy did an excellent job with designing a database specific to our needs.
    She made suggestions and anticipated needs that we had not even considered.
    Our final product meets our needs and was up and running only days after its implementation.

    Sandy has also provided us with basic user manuals, specific to our end product and organization.
    I highly recommend her work.
    –Gail Ford, VP/COO, Tower One/Tower East, New Haven, CT

  • Sandy came to Excellus Health Plan as a contractor to support the continued development of
    a complex Access database which enabled the reconciliation of legacy system data for monthly
    reporting in the general ledger. Sandy was able to quickly understand legacy system data,
    processes, and business requirements. Within a relatively short amount of time Sandy began
    programming, supported parallel testing, and then implemented database changes. In conjunction
    with the required programming much needed database efficiencies were also implemented along with
    an upgrade. Sandy also provided a valuable documentation service to support audits. We truly
    appreciated the dedication and work ethic Sandy brought to the project.
    –Steve Kotsch/Manager – Financial Programs and Quality Management/Excellus Health Plan (Formerly)
    Steve Kotsch/Director Financial Planning and Decision Support/Unity Health System

  • Sandy and I worked together at CHCP where she was an extraordinary asset to our work evaluating the quality of services provided by the HMO. Her capacity to work with and turn data into useful information made our work possible. At a time when the information we were able to collect was not as robust as it could have been, Sandy’s creativity and ability to identify means of solving the information gaps we encountered were second to none.–Roz Ben-Chitrit, VP of Business Development & Product Management at Pelstar LLC, Formerly Quality Assurance & Risk Management Analyst at Community Health Care Plan, Inc., New Haven, CT

  • Once again I need to tell you how much I appreciate Sandy — both her help, and her spirit of helpfulness. Not only did she produce what I was looking for very quickly, but she also helped me figure out in a flash what data I needed and how I wanted it organized.

    Thank you for producing the data that Premium Development needed to respond to the Insurance Commissioner’s survey. Because of your help, I was able to finish the project on time.

    Thanks for your varied assistances yesterday. I am grateful for the timely and thorough work as well as the just-in-time training.

    Thanks Sandy…. your usual great work… even with my confused request!! Greatly appreeciate it.
    I was just informed about your ability to get the BC number run.. that’s terrific…your resourcefulness and intimate knowledge of our computer system always amazes me!!
    –Various Managers and Directors, Community Health Care Plan, Inc., New Haven, CT