Aetna, Inc.Sandy Zohari, owner of AzoTek Database Solutions, spent ten years at Aetna, Inc., where she was solely responsible for the full life-cycle of numerous projects, covering data needs analysis, data modeling, database and user interface design, development, coding, testing, implementation and training.

Major projects for Aetna Integrated Informatics included:

Security Access. A combined application with an Access front-end and SQL Server hosting the data, Security Access managed all security requests for the company’s tools and products, resulting in a vast increase in efficiency for the security department. Supporting over 14,000 internal and external clients with twelve products and nearly 500 customized functions, this application interfaced seamlessly with security staff, users, managers, technical support, and external files and systems, resulting in increased productivity of the security staff and technical support team by 80 percent or more.

Resource Tracking and Report Repository. Using an Access front-end and a QuickBase back end, this web-based application produced sophisticated reports for Senior Management, including financials, forecast and tracking of time and resources against projects, and the tracking of status, risks, and issues of planned projects and deliverables. Sandy was awarded “The Night on the Town” in recognition for going the extra mile in automating the production of senior management operating plans.

Major projects for the Data Warehouse team included:

Data Analyst Information and Storing Environment. This MS Access application, with numerous key features not found in any vendor product, standardized the Data Warehouse specification writing process and tracked changes across load events and projects, streamlining data analyst team job functions, and improving communication across technical teams and data warehouse users.

Data Warehouse Export and Reporting Tool. This MS Access application extracted data from the data analyst databases and the ERD modeling application for the selected load month, producing over 35 reports, in under two hours, for the monthly update of the Data Warehouse User Guide.

Our Satisfied Clients Say it Best

  • At Aetna, Sandy was a seasoned Business Systems Developer with solid IT solutions development experience. Sandy has a unique ability to build and manage database systems/applications capable to solve complex business problems.

    She is highly responsible and confident individual, quickly adapting and successfully working in today’s business environment. I have seen her out-of-box thinking and adaptability help Aetna overcome great obstacles.

    I know Sandy will make a difference on every engagement she is on.Kendrick McCleskey, Formerly QBusiness Systems Developer, Aetna Integrated Informatics, Aetna, Inc., Middletown, CT

  • This looks really, really good. I am so pleased to know that the application is in such good hands after years of worrying about it.

    It looks like it’s all working the way I need it to work.

    You are AWESOME! Thank you!