Whether you are a sole-proprietor, a small company with few employees, a department head of a medium to large size company, a non-profit organization, or an educational institution, AzoTek Database Solutions can help you with a comprehensive database application designed specifically for your unique needs. We have over thirty years of experience implementing custom database applications, as well as a proven ability to translate customer needs into highly effective business solutions.

If you don’t need a full application, we can help with one of our other services. We are also available to assist other Access programmers with advanced techniques or just with help getting your work done.

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Quick Quotes from Our Satisfied Clients

  • Thanks to AzoTek Database Solutions, we now have a fully integrated, user-friendly, easily expandable, comprehensive Configuration Control Management system.
    Accomplish more than you ever though possible!

  • The original process before was done in Excel using pivot tables and took anywhere from a half day to a full day…this new process in Access now takes about 30 minutes. It was so quick and easy to output those lists — a huge timesaver!!
    Such a time saver! This makes our lives so much easier.
    Save Time!

  • Sandy delivered a rock-solid, one-stop contact database for all of our email and snail mail needs.
    I just wanted to send you ‘kudos’. I used your merging utility today and it ran great. It was pretty exciting watching this huge spreadsheet create itself right before my eyes!
    …and best of all, our reports are all automated.

  • Once again I need to tell you how much I appreciate Sandy. Not only did she produce what I was looking for very quickly, but she also helped me figure out in a flash what data I needed and how I wanted it organized.
    You were also very helpful in the design stages, coming up with ideas and reports that I hadn’t thought of.

  • I looked at the reports – they look fabulous! They all tie to each other and to the voucher reports! How exciting! I am in awe.

  • Your Access Class was great and I picked up a lot of useful information.

  • The new database looks great, is user friendly, and perfect for what we needed.
    Looks awesome! I like the fact that all the documentation is in one spot.”
    User Friendly!