Services offered by AzoTek Database Solutions:

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  • Design and Develop your New Custom Database Application
    At AzoTek we go beyond database programming. We will work with you and your staff to review your concept and perform a full business assessment of your office processes and current data management methods. Together we will review strategies and solutions. We will then design and build a fully functional custom database application that performs the functions you have envisioned and selected, that meets your objectives.
  • Upgrade an Existing Application to a Higher MS Access Version
    We can upgrade your current MS Access database from an earlier version, such as Access 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 to Access 2010, 2013 or 2016. If you are planning to upgrade your entire Microsoft Office Suite, you will need to make sure that your current Access application will work in the new version. Or you may want to upgrade just to take advantage of the latest features in the newer versions of Access.
  • Enhance / Redevelop Existing Applications
    When your current database no longer provides the functionality you now need, or you would like to improve data handling efficiency, enhance data analysis and reporting capabilities, and/or add new features, then it is time to enhance or redevelop your existing application. If your previous developer is no longer available, or you are now looking for a professional developer, AzoTek Database Solutions is the right choice for you.
  • Fix Broken or Poorly Performing Microsoft Access Applications
    Microsoft Access is so easy to use that often non-professional developers create complex applications that fail due to basic architectural or design flaws. An understanding of relational database design as well as VBA coding is crucial to maximize the potential of any project. If you are experiencing data loss, unexplained error messages, problems with concurrent users editing the same data record, slow performance, or if you just want the job done right this time, call on AzoTek Database Solutions. We will review your existing application’s structure and code, test its performance, and make recommendations to fix your problem.
  • Convert / Transfer Existing Data
    We can help with transferring your data from or to many other file formats, such as text files, spreadsheets, Word documents, Outlook Contacts, or even other database or software applications. Call on us if this is a one-time fix, or you need to automate this process to be performed regularly.
  • Develop System Requirements and Specifications
    Are you just thinking about an idea but not yet ready to take that big step of creating a new application? Do you need help sorting through your system requirements and developing specifications? No job is too small for AzoTek Database Solutions.
  • Microsoft Access Training / Mentoring
    We provide Microsoft Access training customized for the individual or group. Learn how to harness the power of MS Access to create ad-hoc queries and reports for your existing application, or how to get started on your own database with simple tasks. If you are developing your own application and need some assistance with more complicated tasks, we can mentor you in your development process. Get comfortable in MS Access!