Here are just a few examples of how MS Access can be used to automate business functions.

Go From This:

Struggling with paper files
Paper Files!
Sample of Desktop with links to Word and Excel documents

Spreadsheets, Word and text documents, mail merge files, and other software applications are all separate entities with nothing tying them together.

To This:

Please click on each tab below.
Image of Main Menu of sample application


  • Implement user level security, so that each user can access only the data needed for their job function; block access to unauthorized users
  • Open forms for selected dates or other criteria such as a selected customer, provider, location, etc.
  • Utilize a central calendar for all date related functions
  • Analyze data for selected date ranges
  • Click on a help button (question mark) for help tips about a function or process
  • Track all services or daily scheduling with a master calendar function
  • Simplify data entry with robust control over data integrity
  • Allows for data manipulation by many users at the same time (unlike Word and Excel)
  • Integrate all of your contacts: active clients, prospects, suppliers, donors, etc., into one location, synchronized with MS Outlook
  • Track employee certification and license expiration dates
  • Auto-fill zip codes or city and state during address entry





  • Generate customized views and reports
  • Send e-mail and newsletters
  • Print letters and mailing labels
  • all based on dynamic real-time queries and selected criteria

Front-End reporting menu

  • Simple and clean reporting menu that only shows the reporting options needed for the selected report.
  • The reports are grouped by category
  • Image sample shows a report that has two reporting options
  • Output options include Print, Preview, and Export and Save to PDF (with export folder chosen by each user)

Invoices Sample

  • Generate monthly invoices
  • Print a variety of reports summarizing in different ways from a single data set
  • Export data to csv or spreadsheet format to be used in other systems

Other Automated Business Function Examples:

  • Perform complex calculations; graph trend analyses
  • Generate sophisticated reports
  • Transfer data from/to text files, Word documents, spreadsheets, MS Outlook, and other software
  • Easily modify and maintain lookup (drop-down) codes and values to keep up with your changing business
  • Recalculate price lists
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