A sampling of our Manufacturing applications with key features highlighted.

Configuration Control Management

Peko Configuration Control Management Reports MenuAids in the identification, tracking and reporting of changes made to hardware, software, firmware, documentation, testing processes, test fixtures, manufacturing processes and tools throughout the life cycle of a product

  • Able to select the default Company and Program for a session
  • Tracking of numerous identifiers (serial number, matrix tag, deviations/waiver, notice id, etc.) for a single Engineering Change Request
  • Multiple reporting options, including export into Microsoft Excel and Word documents
  • Administrative tools for adding companies, programs, and lookup table values

Production & Order Management

Stoner Holsters Main MenuManages a manufacturing production process, as well as capturing customer and dealer orders, and ties these in to the production process. Additional functions imports web orders, and a new function tracks purchase orders of supplies.

  • Identifies user by Windows login to restrict access to administrative functions
  • Tracks customer orders and returns
  • Moves orders that need to be produced into the production log process
  • Enables all staff to edit each production job at the same time, capturing staff sign-off at each step in the process.
  • Automatically imports orders processed on the web site
  • Numerous reports for customer order sheets, as well as for administrative tracking and review

Reporting Menu for Training Tracking/Reports

Front-End reporting menuFront-end reporting application for legacy software that manages courses and training required of employees.

  • Simple and clean reporting menu that only shows the reporting options needed for the selected report.
  • The reports are grouped by category
  • Image sample shows a report that has two reporting options
  • Output options include Print, Preview, and Export and Save to PDF (with export folder chosen by each user)

Quality Improvement Problem Report Database

Kayex Main menu showing date selectionUpgraded an existing application that had been developed in-house, that no longer met the needs of management, adding a new user-friendly interface, with tools for administrators to scale in the future.

  • Enhanced functionality with tools to
    • track and summarize problem reports
    • better understand quality defects
    • identify root causes
    • implement corrective actions
    • streamline import and export processes
  • Utilizes user-level security to restrict functions to certain groups of users
  • Includes a module to easily update and maintain links to the main data source as well as reference tables
  • Embedded calendar to facilitate easy date selection for data entry/edits and reporting