A sampling of our Educational applications with key features highlighted.

Degree Planning Committee Processes Management for a Community College

Top of Main Menu plus Reporting menuUpgrade of a legacy application for Academic Review staff (originally created in Access 95).

  • Upgraded and modified tables, forms and reports to satisfy the new required functionality.
  • Main Menu form contains the data entry forms split into five tabs to accommodate all of the data.
  • All reports and queries share selection criteria by mentor and dates.
  • Various buttons ease selection of the required date range.
  • Image showing the top of the Main Menu plus the Reporting menu

Contact and List Management for a University Communications Department

port_CornellAAPA fully functional “one-stop shop” contact management database that manages all contacts, capturing essential demographic data as well as the data needed to filter by various criteria. Converted and merged nine Excel spreadsheets with three existing MS Access tables, removing duplicates.

  • Captures demographic information on all contacts, by three major segments that require different data fields.
  • Captures any number of areas of focus/discipline and institution type for a single contact, as well as the types of communication the contact is subscribed to.
  • Options to export contact data to a query for email, printed mailing labels, or a csv file to send to an outside provider for mailing.