A sampling of our Client Services/Management applications with key features highlighted.

Scheduling Management and Billing for Deaf Interpreting Services

Main Menu for Interpreting ServicesManages requests for service, easily matching prospective interpreters to a service by availability and skill set. Tracks preferences by clients and interpreters. Automates communication, billing, and re-occurring services.

  • Service request form automates communication to customer and interpreters
  • Easy transfer of data from Phone Call log, Client Profile, and Interpreter skills to service request
  • Tracks phone calls, requests for interpreting, calendar bookings, and billing information, eliminating duplicate data entry and manual sorting tasks.
  • Monthly invoices generated with the click of a button!
  • A unique feature, the Master calendar shows all scheduled services for up to 150 hours of assignments per day
  • Saves the client a half FTE assistant

Client Management and Billing for Therapy Services

port_MTGMenuManages clients and staff for a growing therapy practice.

  • Generates and tracks letters to parents and physicians and tracks requests for prescriptions.
  • Supports employee certification and licensing as well as reimbursements and billing.
  • Dashboard reminders on main menu to instantly see work that needs to be done
  • Includes online solutions via SharePoint for staff to submit time logs and clinical notes from home or on the road.

Resident Database at a senior housing facility

Resident Database Main MenuA centralized repository of data on residents and their providers and contacts.

  • Replaces a number of separate, inadequate databases, spreadsheets, and paper files, eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Seamlessly integrates the functionality of all departments
  • Security controls access to the data elements and reports needed by each department
  • Replaces paper reports with real-time reporting and analysis
  • Vastly improves efficiency for the entire facility